Active ingredient Lemon Eucalyptus Oil

Your horse's skin is not only its largest, but also one of its most important organs. Thecomplex system of the skin protects your horse not only from harmful external influences,but also frominjuries. It regulates your horse's body temperature and fends off all kinds ofinfections. Waste products from the horse's metabolism are also transported to the outsidevia the skin. It is therefore more important for you to protect this important and sensitiveorgan of your horse and at the same time not to damage it. Your horse's skin is exposed tomany stresses. One of the greatest stresses are horseflies. Their stings can attack yourhorse's skin barrier and transmit diseases directly into the bloodstream. Through natural andspecies-appropriate skin care, you can make an important contribution to the health of yourhorse. One natural ingredient that has proven effective in veterinary care against horsefliesis natural lemon eucalyptus oil. Lemon eucalyptus oil is of natural origin and has a widerange of properties that fight annoying horseflies.

Horsefly bites hurt more than other insect bites. This is because horseflies, unlike otherinsects, tear open the skin with their mouthparts and penetrate directly into thebloodstream with their large proboscis. The hole in the skin is relatively large for an insectbite. The affected area hurts, the skin is reddened and swells. If even a small horsefly stingcauses you pain, you can imagine how painful it isfor your horse when a whole horde ofhorseflies attacks your horse at once. Horseflies also inject anticoagulants into thepunctures, which delays the closure of the wound for a longer period. An open wound isunfortunately a very good breeding ground forinflammation and bacteria. Therefore, don'tlet your horse be exposed to horseflies without protection.
But how is it that the pests seem to seek you and your horse out in every place and you have nowhere to be safe? Horseflies are very good and especiall y fast hunters. Their antennae on the head act like little detectors in their search for victims. Through these antennas they can sense chemical substances in sweat, the Co2 concentration in breath and body heat over greater distances. Movement also attrac ts the attention of horseflies. They also prefer to stay near bodies of water because that is where they lay their eggs. A horse pasture or paddock is therefore the ideal habitat for a horsefly. The combination of waiting horse watering troughs and sweatin g, moving horses is particularly attractive to horseflies. Incidentally, horseflies cannot see very well despite their large eyes. They only perceive light - dark contrasts. Horses with dark coats are therefore approached significantly more often than horse s with light coats. Researchers confirm that black horses are stung almost four times more often than white horses.
Lemon eucalyptus oil is a reliable natural agent against horseflies. The oil is extracted from the lemon eucalyptus tree. This tree can gro w up to 40 meters high and is native to Australia. The lemon eucalyptus owes its name to its elongated blue - green leaves, which smell intensely of fresh lemons. The essential oil of lemon eucalyptus consists mainly of citronella. This acts as a natural rep ellent against horseflies and other blood - sucking parasites. Repellents are active substances that are absorbed by an organism through the sense of smell and deter it without killing it. Thus, the gadfly perceives the smell of the oil through its antennae and finds it so unbearable that it prefers to keep its distance. The oil has also been tested in clinical studies and proven to provide protection for several hours. This 100% plant - based active ingredient is contained in ShieldOn's Roll - On, Protect Shampo o and Horsefly Spray. Lemon eucalyptus oil is one of the most effective agents against horseflies, mosquitoes and co. While the pesky bloodsuckers find the scent a deterrent, it has a pleasant and refreshing lemon scent for us. The natural active ingredien t does not irritate your horse's skin and fills the air with an invigorating aroma. In a soothing and natural way, you can protect and support your horse.