For the love of horses

Because we love horses

Horses are close to our hearts! That is exactly why we at ShieldOn have developed products together with experienced riders. It was particularly important to us that our products are always adapted to the needs of horses and are free of chemical additives. Because: We can only do justice to our beloved four-legged friends if we treat them as equals!

100% plant based active ingredient

As simple as simple! Our products are inspired by nature. The active ingredient we use is 100% plant-based. At the same time, and precisely because of this, our products are effective to the highest degree.

Made in Germany

Quality makes the difference. With secured production in Germany, we at ShieldOn can always guarantee high-quality and highly effective products.

For Champions

Highly effective and high quality products for high performance champions. ShieldOn products bring out the best in your horse. They complement training in the best possible way. If your champion is doing well, you are doing well!

"The focus of our product development is and has always been the needs of the horses!"